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Casio CPA-100: Islamic Prayer Alarm Watch

Muslims all over the world are expected to perform Salat, an obligatory Islamic prayer ritual that is prescribed five times daily. Because of this, Casio introduced the CPA-100 line of watches. This series was designed and created to help remind practitioners of Islam of their prayer timings.

Islamic Prayer, image via Pxhere.com

Watches in this Islamic Prayer Alarm series comes in three different styles which can be viewed here. In addition to displaying the next upcoming prayer timing, its enormous case size also houses a world map display with curved glass. Upon selection of the current location, the watch is able to identify the different prayer timings – FAJR, SHOROOK (SUNRISE), ZUHR, ASR, MAGHRIB and ISHA.

Casio CPA-100-1A

The CPA-100 series comes with 100 meters water resistance and 10 years battery life. Like all Casio watches, it is extremely durable, consistent with Japanese quality and technology. With this watch, Muslims will not have to worry about missing any one of the daily prayer times!