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Casio F-91W: The World's Most Popular Watch

Casio F-91W watch, image via Wikimedia Commons

The Casio F-91W digital watch began production back in 1991 and is still being manufactured today. So how does this simple quartz digital watch continue to be in demand throughout the years? 

Affordability – With a long history of mechanical fine-tuning and craftsmanship, the Swiss watch industry was nearly put to an end with the introduction of cheaper, more reliable quartz digital watches such as the F-91W. Retailing for just under $19, this inexpensive watch is definitely a timepiece everyone can afford.

 – The reason why F-91W is dubbed 'The Army Watch' is because it is the number one choice for many Singaporean boys going through National Service. Known to be extremely durable, the body of the watch is said to be able to last longer than the estimated 10 years battery life!

 – The F-91W comes with a stopwatch, calendar, light and alarm function. It also has a rubber seal between its steel back and case, making it resistant to splash and rain. Weighing just 21g, most people wouldn’t even notice wearing it.

– Casio reportedly still manufactures about three million units of the watch annually. This watch has been worn by many famous people including former US president Barak Obama. It was so successful that Casio decided to build an entire ecosystem of watches around its design.

Obama wearing the Casio's F-91W watch
Barak Obama wearing Casio's F-91W watch, image via The Obama Diary

To sum things up, the Casio F-91W is definitely a watch worth buying. It’s clean and unpretentious design makes it beloved by hipsters all around the world. Click here to have a look at the entire series of the F-91W collection.