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Casio Watch Trends: Best of 2019

Casio Computer Co., Ltd was founded in 1946 by engineer Tadao Kashio as an electronics company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company launched its first wristwatch in 1974, and has since then been known for their durable and dynamic timepieces. Today, we will be discussing the latest trending Casio watches and what customers are looking for in 2019.

Rise of the retro fashion

Past trends and styles have made a huge comeback in recent years because of the need for self-expression. Fashion obsessives choose to express their personalities through what they wear. As with many individuals, they find mainstream fashion too generic and want something new. Something that has eventually led to a growing interest for the vintage style.

Casio AQ-230A-7D, image via Brandfield.com

Under the umbrella of Casio’s vintage watch series, the AQ-230A-7D comes in fifth on our list. Being relatively small in size, this watch fits perfectly on the wrist of many customers. The face of the watch comes in both a vintage digital and classic analog display. This particular watch appeals to many hipsters due to its attractive retro design.

Casio A159WAD-1, image via Casio Official Site

Picking up on the diamond watch trend, Casio’s A159WAD-1 comes in next on the list. Its three-dimensional cut-glass and natural diamond elements make the design of the watch extreamly unique. This made in Japan model is probably one of the cheapest diamond watches out in the market today.

Casio A168WEGB-1B image via Brandfield.com

Also in the Casio vintage series of watches is the A168WEGB-1B. The black ion plated stainless steel band and gold tone case is a bold, retro-inspired look to any outfit. One notable feature of this watch is its illuminator light function which significantly improves visibility at night or in dimly lit environments.

All things blue and rose gold

Blue as a decorative color has always and will continue to be in trend. This is due to the smart-casual nature of the color, making blue watches a suitable wearable for most occasions.

Rose gold on the other hand has been gaining plenty of attention in recent times. We are beginning to see that translate into interest for warmer tones of watches. This color is said to bring out the subtle blush tones of one’s skin, and conveys the message of comfort and warmth.

Casio MTP-VD01D-2E

Second on our list of the most trending Casio watch in 2019 is the MTP-VD01D-2E. The timeless design of this watch along with its blue sunburst dial makes it fitting for any events. Whether in the office or out partying, this watch is sure to go well with any outfit. This is one of the main reasons why it has become a staple for many individuals wardrobe.

Casio B650WC-5A

Coming in first will definitely have to be the Casio B650WC-5A. This watch falls under the retro category, and is ion plated with rose gold. Having explained why the retro fashion and rose gold color have been gaining popularity over the past few years, it is a no wonder that this watch is our best seller thus far. Besides that, its relatively large case also seems to be helping with its popularity as we are seeing a higher demand and rise in trend for larger wristwatches.