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The Watch That Ticks Backwards

The Chronometry Square GEM watch was designed with inspirations from the Kaaba. It is a building in the middle of Islam’s most important mosque located at Mecca, Saudi Arabia. There, pilgrims are required to circumambulate it seven times in a counter-clockwise direction as part of a ritual.

KaabaThe Kaaba surrounded by pilgrims, image via Wikimedia Commons

The watch itself comes with a luxurious black sunburst dial, embossed with gold Arabic numerals. It’s counter-clockwise movement makes it unique by breaking the tradition of how people read time. Though originally designed for the Malay market, Chronometry has seen a fair share of satisfied customers from other races.

"It has truly added a new dimension to my watch collection. Apart from its unconventional reverse tick, the timeless design of its face and quality strap secures its place as a part of my daily wardrobe", said one customer.

Poster of the GEM-V001S watch, image via Chronometry

Overall, the Chronometry Square GEM watch is truly a timepiece that brings culture and fashion together. You may grab yourself a pair here.